Yay It’s Over!!!

Alright, well it’s over, this is officially my very last blog post. all i can say is, that i’m glad its over… #SORRYNOTSORRY mr brohm. just not my thing..

see ya never



After high school…

After high school i would love to go on a rotary exchange program. My older sister Emma Hulbert, went on a rotary exchange for nine months in Neiva, Colombia, in south america.

This is a picture of my sister before she left.

I would love to do my exchange in either Paris, Australia, or Hawaii. A rotary exchange is when you go to another country and live with a host family. Usually you rotate through 3-4 families during your visit. My sister was rotated through four. Usually they don’t let you go visit, in the fist 7 months or you could get very homesick. My family and I visited my sister in Colombia over the Easter break when i was in sixth grade.

Donald Trump….

I’m going to go on a little rampage here…

Trump for President? I think not.

If you like Donald Trump, I suggest you leave my page now. lol


all Trump wants to do is spend our money…


Donald Trump makes me rattled, all he wants to do is spend people’s money to build a completely useless wall to “keep the dirty Mexicans out” like totally #acotaco eek!

No one knows Trump, no one knows…

and that is the end of my mini rant!


Me And My Sports.

Today I will be talking about the sports that I play.

Throughout the winter and spring I do cheerleading and snowboarding.

this is me and my team on February 6th.


cheerleading is a hard sport



In July-December I do gymnastics.


Throughout the winter I shred with @ryryking101 #suhdude


in the summer i ball #aight


About a boy…

OMG k today i was getting starbucks, the ush, i was waiting to order my venti pumpkin spice latte, total white gurllllll. and there was thing guy behind me in the line (sooooooo hot) dayum he was sitting there rocking hit white vans, and his friend came up to him and said “DAAAMMMMNNN DANIEL BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS, SPICY MAN SPICY” then i realized it was the legit damn daniel. i instantly fell in love.

^thats is my boy,oooooh his smile dayum daniel.

do you love my boy dan?